Why Should I Outsource Custom Software Development?

Your business is growing and you have full-time staff available to keep things running smoothly. As you consider ways to further the growth of your business, you realize that a certain kind of custom software would make things a lot easier, saving both time and money. You may start thinking about which staff members are able to develop that software; after all, you are already paying them. It may be more beneficial for you to reconsider and outsource software development and here is why:

Up-to-Date Skills

Technology changes quickly. Unless someone on your staff is consistently furthering their education regarding software development, their skills will be behind the times. This means that any future upgrades will not be as easily made or reach the highest level necessary to keep up with company growth. By putting the software development in the hands of someone who is consistently getting educated on new developments and the latest tools, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality software possible.

Greater Talent

People spend a great deal of money to become educated on software development. They do this because that is something they love. If you hire someone who is greatly skilled in this area, but that person is not regularly utilizing the training, they can become easily frustrated. A person who wants to specialize in software development will not remain in an environment that does not allow this. They will look for a position that enables them to spend their days doing what they love. Anyone who has been trained but stays in a position where those skills are not used regularly will become rusty and their skills will become outdated. This leaves you with someone who is unable to give you the highest quality.


When you outsource your custom software development, you are getting the experienced service of a company that has done this many times. In addition to the updated skills, the company has developed methods over the years to perfect on their basic knowledge. When you work on something every day, you develop your own intuition as to how to make the work go quicker. The trial and error period is much shorter because it has already been done before and the company knows what won't work and what is most likely to work. This means your program is completed quicker and is less apt to contain bugs that need to be worked out. This translates into you being able to put it into use quickly, gaining the benefits it was produced to deliver.

Hiring a Team

If you assign the software development to an employee within your business, it is most likely that you will not want to spare more than one regular staff member. When you outsource, you get the benefit of every employee of that company being able to input information. The old saying that two heads are better than one is very true. The team will be able to brainstorm and come up with ideas that may be over-looked if only one person is working on the custom software. In the end, your money is doing double or triple duty.

Focused Effort

Each member of your staff has a set of tasks they are responsible for. When you pull an employee from his regular position to have him create a software program, you either need to reassign his duties to others who may already be working at capacity or add the burden of a detailed and time-consuming task to his already full schedule. He can't concentrate solely on the software development because he has other duties or other employees interrupt his work to ask questions about the tasks they have been given that he normally does. This means the development takes longer. It also can create more errors as the divided attention of the one doing the development can result make over-looking necessary details possible. This doesn't happen when the work is outsourced to a company that has made time specifically for this task.

Fresh Perspective

Those within your business are focused on what needs to be done in regards to making a profit. They know what they are looking for in the way of software, and that can make them miss something that can add to the efficiency of the program. When someone from the outside is given the task, that person can see any additional benefits that may be easily incorporated. He is able to focus on the entire picture rather than just the immediate details. This translates into a program that may be much more than you thought was possible and it also eliminates the need to add greater functionality that may occur to you once the original program has been put into use.

Final Thoughts

When you add it all up, outsourcing your custom software development makes good business sense. You are getting up-to-date skills from a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who can focus their entire effort on the creation of the software you need. This enables your hired staff to spend time doing what they are best at, which is working to take your business to greater heights. The time, money and stress you save allows you to concentrate fully on the thing you do best - running a successful business.

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