What projects do you specialize in?


Brainspire is a custom software development company, and our expertise is in the following areas:

  1. Custom Application Development
    1. New Development
    2. Enhancements to existing software
    3. Upgrades and rewrites (re-platform an application with modern languages/frameworks for scalability, maintainability, security, etc.)
  2. Application Integration
    1. B2B Integration (API development)
    2. Internal software integration (eliminating silos of information and automation)
  3. Data & Business Intelligence Solutions
    1. Database Design & Development
    2. Data Cleansing and Integration
    3. Data Reporting & Dashboards
  4. Mobile Applications
    1. iOS & Android Native Apps
    2. Hybrid Apps
    3. Mobile Web with Responsive Design
  5. Portals & Websites
    1. Intranet Applications (secured internal applications)
    2. Secure extranets (customer portals, B2B sites)
    3. Website Development
  6. Cloud-Based Applications
    1. Built new applications in public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) or preferred private clouds (for HIPAA or PCI compliance typically)
    2. Migrate existing applications to a cloud environment (usually with application enhancements)

What is your typical project engagement?


In software development, there are no typical projects. The business goals of the envisioned software solution and the requirements dictate the engagement team size and skills, length of the project, and costs. However, most of our client engagements range from 3-6 months for a small team of 2-4 resources that include developers, a business analyst, and a project manager. Following the agile methodology, our clients dictate when a software project is done. We work with our clients to understand and prioritize the functional and technical requirements, so the underlying architecture and most important features are delivered first with lower priority features delivered over time in successive sprints. Many of our clients decide to engage with us to develop and release software that meets their core needs and then pause on the development of additional features until a later date after they get more user feedback. Brainspire has completed projects that take only a few weeks to develop, and we’ve completed projects that take over a year to complete. Our engagements always begin with a high-level estimate so our customers have a ballpark timeline and cost. Spending the appropriate amount of time upfront to understand and document the requirements is necessary to understand the total scope. Without spending some time upfront, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to determine the project timeline and budget. If you have software development needs, please contact us, and we’ll work with you to map out a project plan.

How long is a typical project?


Brainspire Solutions has completed simple software development projects for our clients within a few weeks. We’ve also helped our customers transform their entire business with modern software solutions following a planned roadmap over multiple years. As a custom software development firm, we collaborate with our clients to understand their short and long-term goals and map out the project to best fit their needs. No project is too small or large for us if there is business value for our clients.

What businesses or industries do you serve?


Brainspire has built software for a variety of industries. Click the industries below to learn more about how Brainspire can help with your specific needs.