How We Do It

Organizations face many common challenges when it comes to technology, and the technical landscape is varied. We do not try to offer all types of services and solutions to all clients. Our niche focus and expertise is providing quality custom software solutions, and we realize that not all organizations will need our services. We also realize that the majority of our client’s technology budget will be spent on day to day technology operations. So when a company is considering an investment in a software application it’s an important decision to get right.

Brainspire succeeds because we have respect for each client’s business goals, bring proactive perspectives, solve problems through critical thinking and collaboration, apply best practices and technical expertise, and continually foster the professional growth and learning of our consultants.

Our clients come to us with many common challenges and perceptions:

  • We need to ensure our capital investments on new software will produce the return we are expecting
  • Our software and data projects move too slow and never seem to be completed
  • There seems to be a disconnect between what the business needs and what gets delivered
  • Data is everywhere, and it’s challenging to produce relevant, timely and useful information for the business
  • Business stakeholders have a difficult time staying involved in our software projects
  • The business needs change so quickly it’s difficult to hit a moving target
  • Technology is moving so fast, it’s tough to understand what innovations are best for our company
  • Our technology team is already overwhelmed
  • We want to adopt more best practices, but updating our approach takes a back seat to getting work completed
  • Our software may or may not be secure against attacks

Brainspire designed our approach to developing software solutions to address these challenges. And we’re always looking for ways to improve. What we learn on one project is applied to our next project. What we learn with one client in a particular industry carries over to our next client in another industry.