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Compared with others, Agriculture is less dependent on custom software than most other industries for their day-to-day operations.  However, there are minimal off the shelf software products available to this industry.  Companies in the Agriculture Industry must turn to custom software when they have a specific need.  We bring the best practices and expertise from other industries when providing solutions in the agriculture space. Though limited in this industry, Brainspire has assisted an international seed company by developing an online ROI Calculator for crop yield.  We have also developed a custom SharePoint Intranet for a biofuel and organic fertilizer company.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Industry

Geo Data

The Agriculture Industry uses geographical data in a variety of ways, including monitoring rainfall and weather in an area, operating farming equipment for planting and harvesting leveraging satellite geolocation services, and monitoring livestock locations in real time. Brainspire builds custom software solutions leveraging IoT and real time geolocation services for optimal operations.

Transportation / Logistics

The Agriculture Industry must get their product to market quickly or risk losing their product and profitability completely. Scheduling transportation, routing, and logistics applications are all excellent candidates for custom solutions.  Application integration with other 3rd party software applications can also improve efficiencies in transportation.

Data Solutions

The Agriculture industry produces mass quantities of product.  Collecting and storing accurate and real time information helps companies track product, crop production, yields, inventories, feed, fuel and a variety of other data elements for better and more profitable operations.

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