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Traditionally, communications companies were thought of as infrastructure companies, providing the physical assets such as copper and fiber and the endpoint hardware.  Platforms now include satellite,  5th Generation (5G) cellular networks, microwave / radio wave communications and WiFi to carry large data packets. While Brainspire doesn’t provide the computer engineering expertise necessary to build these platforms, we do provide software development services to communications companies such as application development, integration, database & business intelligence (BI) solutions, and mobile applications that allow communications companies to operate efficiently and drive business.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Communications Industry

Billing Systems

Communications companies must accurately capture revenue from paying customers, which can be extremely diverse. Customers can be residential consumers for a cable company or wireless subscribers for a cellular provider.  Customers can also be enterprise level B2B distributors or resellers or companies subscribing to satellite feeds.  Billing in the communications industry is quite complex, as it is based on geographic areas, services provided, contract terms, amount of data consumed, service level agreements, government fees and other factors.

Knowledge Management

Communications companies typically need secure systems to store, search and share knowledge, which can be in the form of corporate intranets or wikis.  Managing up to date content and versions of documents requires custom software with intuitive user interfaces and backend data repositories.


Communications companies must understand and manage their customers, typically in an enterprise grade CRM system.  Systems for sales, installations, customer support, billing and other systems all typically integrate with a CRM system, which requires custom APIs and interfaces, so the company is operating with “one version of the truth.”


Communications companies monitor their network for performance on a 24/7/365 schedule.  Software for operating, monitoring, alerting, logging and reporting issues is critical to providing uninterrupted service, accurate billing and adherence to service level agreements.

A Few of Our Success Stories in the Communications Industry

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