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Construction requires a great deal of budgeting and tracking, logistics, and inventory and supply chain management.  We get many requests from companies in the Construction Industry asking for assistance in managing assets and projects more efficiently.  All companies are looking for one version of the truth when it comes to construction projects with a variety of data inputs and reporting.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Construction / Engineering Industry

Data Integrity

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools in the Construction Industry.  While easy to use, the spreadsheet quickly becomes cumbersome to manage and distribute for multiple users in multiple locations.  Collecting information, storing one version of the truth and accurately reporting is best accomplished using a common database with intuitive input screens and visual dashboards.

Incident Reporting

OSHA and environmental regulations require construction firms to accurately monitor and report workplace safety and compliance incidents.  Capturing information in a timely manner, many times in remote or disconnected environments, lends itself to custom software solutions or interfaces that integrate with back office systems.


The ability to import and export data from a variety of internal and external systems (B2B) helps construction companies operate efficiently as they manage logistics, inventory, and their supply chain.

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