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Software in Healthcare companies is unique when compared with other industries as security and HIPAA compliance standards must be a top priority.  Sharing information is key to efficiency yet presents authorization and authentication challenges.  As patients take more control over their healthcare information and healthcare providers strive to collaborate with other doctors and their patients, the need for custom software solutions is increasing rapidly, especially when it comes to protecting patient data.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Industry


Protecting patient information must be the number one consideration for any software solution.  Brainspire leverages proven and accepted industry standard best practices to ensure all data is protected any comply with all HIPAA regulations.


The Healthcare Industry’s use of collaboration technology is advancing rapidly as doctors routinely work together in clinical studies and in consultations with other providers.  Sharing information in secure ways leads to better treatments and is an excellent use of custom software solutions.  Patients are becoming more accustomed and reliant on custom mobile telehealth solutions, which provide near instant access to medical providers and an efficient and cost-effective way for doctors to interact with patients.


With countless software titles in the Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) space, all with unique APIs or data import / export capabilities, custom software solutions for integration between disparate systems is critical, especially as patients expect their healthcare information to be available regardless of the provider they are seeing.  In addition, systems between medical providers and insurance companies must be integrated for efficiency and containing costs.

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