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Brainspire Solutions has a long and successful history providing custom software solutions to a number of hospitality providers, including the world’s largest ski resort company and privately held hotel groups.   The solutions we have provided include custom software for rentals, customer loyalty, bookings, reservations, data analytics and a variety of enterprise application integration solutions using web services.  In addition, we have developed a mobile solution for guest check-in to eliminate wait time and long lines.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Industry

Customer Experience

Hospitality is all about making guests feel welcome.  Companies in the Hospitality Industry differentiate themselves and earn customer loyalty by knowing who their customers are, what they want, and making their services convenient. Software in this industry requires high level of security and the ability to store, analyze and serve up customer data, making sure this information is available to other applications in the enterprise.  User interfaces must be easy to use and intuitive.

Database & Business Intelligence

Like other industries, Hospitality relies on accurate data for targeted marketing, and analytics to understand what customers expect and need.  If pricing is dependent on supply and demand, companies need to understand their inventory of booked and available rooms and services to maximize profits.


Customers expect hospitality companies to provide outstanding mobile applications to search and book accommodations and services anytime and anywhere.  Hotels and resorts must provide these types of solutions if they expect to compete and thrive in the industry.

A Few of Our Success Stories in the Hospitality Industry

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