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As a custom software development firm, Brainspire works with a variety of IT Industry clients.  We have built custom web APIs for software companies so their product will integrate easily.  We have built a custom intranet solution for a data center / hosting company.  Brainspire consultants have helped growing software providers improve their development methodology an processes resulting in higher quality and reduced time to market. We have even written automated tests so software can be regression tested efficiently with each new release. Brainspire is not a DevOps company, but we have expertise in DevOps because we are always helping our clients build and maintain custom software more efficiently.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Industry


IT companies are always striving for better practices and methodologies to produce higher quality and faster time to market.  Automation throughout the software development lifecycle is possible through DevOps practices including applying an iterative development methodology and best practices for automated test, continuous integration, and continuous development.


 Cloud environments offer companies the greatest opportunity for long-term cost savings and ROI.  Migrating legacy, internally hosted applications to a cloud environment and building new software in the cloud eliminates the need to purchase, lease and maintain hardware and environments. Brainspire develops all new software solutions in the cloud and has worked with private cloud providers, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.  Brainspire has also upgraded and migrated many legacy applications to the cloud, enhancing features with the new release.

Technical Debt

Established IT Companies have invested in their legacy solutions for many years.  These solutions are expensive to maintain, and with many new projects planned their technical debt is growing faster than what they can accomplish.  Continuing to enhance and fix software built on an aging, monolithic architecture is like putting room additions onto a house with crumbling foundations.  Brainspire Solutions helps our clients prioritize and retire technical debt.  One of our core services is designing and rewriting legacy applications, leveraging a modern Service Oriented Architecture to support the business needs well into the future.

A Few of Our Success Stories in the Information Technology Industry

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