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Manufacturers must manage raw materials, scheduling, job orders, inventory, distribution, transportation, sales, marketing, human resources, financials, and a variety of other processes.  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software typically handles many of these functions in one large package or implementation and may be overkill for the needs of many manufacturers.  These solutions also come with a high price tag and force the business to adapt processes to how the software works.  Modern manufacturers are implementing best of breed and more narrow software solutions with specific functionality.  Brainspire has proven expertise in enterprise integration, allowing these unique software solutions to work together and share data.  For unique needs, we also have built custom solutions for managing inventory, transportation and logistics, job scheduling and automating the processes on the shop floor.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Manufacturing Industry


Having access to current and accurate data is one of the highest priorities for manufacturers.  Real time inventory of raw materials and finished products, and where the products actually are, allow production to operate at maximum efficiency. Using custom software for analysis with accurate data also allows manufacturers to forecast and plan with more accuracy.


Sharing and moving information between internal systems and external partners allows manufacturers to operate efficiently without the need for excessive manual data entry.


Manufacturing companies should have the ability to sell / distribute their product online, either as a wholesaler or retailer.  Secure and easy ordering and tracking for customers can be done through online portals / stores with custom web sites.

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