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Colorado is one of the most beautiful and resource rich environments in the world.  If you live and work here, you understand that we take a great deal of pride in protecting our natural resources.  Brainspire has created a number of custom software solutions that allow our clients to operate responsibly in this space.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Natural Resources Industry

Regulations & Compliance

Companies in this space operate under strict regulatory environments which require collecting, tracking and reporting of data.  Companies must have the ability to collect and store information in their systems, many times requiring custom interfaces and reporting solutions.


Oil & gas and mining companies operate in environments where safety is paramount.  In addition to tracking and reporting on accidents, custom software is used to analyze data to predict and alert for potential accidents in advance to reduce risks.


Remote and rugged work environments create challenges for technology and end users.  Users need to input and access data in disconnected environments creating unique opportunities to think outside the box and develop a variety of mobile solutions including leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for automation.

Knowledge & Document Management

Companies in this industry typically have needs for advanced knowledge management solutions to share tribal knowledge and information.  Collaboration and sharing is key for efficiency. Managing contracts, lease agreements, and mineral rights require advanced document management systems which can be customized to meet a company’s exact needs.

A Few of Our Success Stories in the Natural Resources Industry

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