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Brainspire Solutions has provided custom software development services for a number of clients in the Real Estate Industry. These clients include a non-profit, low-income housing provider, a national residential home builder and mortgage company, a title search company, several REITs and large residential apartment housing companies.  The solutions we have provided include custom software for housing and mortgage applications, inventory management, document management, database / BI solutions, and application integration.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Industry

Document Management

Residential mortgages and leases require applications, approvals and signatures with routing and versioning capabilities.  Web-based software and even mobile applications provide electronic data collection, automated processes and approvals, document versioning, and electronic signatures, saving real estate companies both valuable time and money while improving data quality.  Digital documents can be easily stored, searched and archived. Commercial real estate has equally complex document management needs.

Database & Business Intelligence

Like other industries, Real Estate relies on up to date and accurate data and information.  This data should be stored and indexed for easy search and available to a variety of other systems.  Data is necessary for sales, marketing, appraisals, ownership, investment performance, insurance, government zoning and regulation, and taxation.


The Real Estate Industry has unique needs for both physical and electronic security, which software enables. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) needs to be protected in all software applications and databases with advanced encryption and security best practices. Technology, including a combination of hardware, software and connectivity (IoT), enables enhanced physical security through the use of digital cameras, motion detectors, keyless smart locks, and various mobile applications.

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