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Brainspire Solutions has developed a variety of custom software and database solutions for our Trading Industry clients.   While retailers and wholesalers rely heavily on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, efficient operations extend outside of this core system usually requiring integration with other systems, intuitive user interfaces to capture data, and advanced security.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Industry


Trading companies rely on accurate and real time inventory data to fulfill customer demands.  These systems must be easy to use and easy to enter / report on data to be effective, often requiring integration with scanning, barcode, and RFID solutions.


Retail and wholesale trade companies must make it easy for customers to purchase their goods online, which involves solutions for purchasing, taxation, shipping, and tracking.  eCommerce is more complex than simply putting up an online shopping cart.  Online transactions require a high level of security and integration with a variety of other systems.


Customers expect intuitive and feature rich mobile solutions for purchasing and tracking orders.  To maximize revenue and profits, retailers and wholesalers must provide a great user experience to acquire their goods, whenever and wherever a customer wants to buy, on a multitude of devices.

Business Intelligence

All retail and wholesale trade companies deal with data, particularly large amounts of customer and inventory data.  Brainspire builds advanced reporting and dashboard solutions that allow our clients to analyze and visualize information including customer demographics, preferences and buying habits. In addition, BI solutions help companies better manage their inventory to reduce overhead.

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