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Brainspire has developed many applications serving the Transportation Industry including a logistics application for a trucking company, business intelligence solutions, application enhancements to an airline reservation system, and a rail scheduling system.

Most Pressing Software Concerns We’ve Seen In the Transportation Industry


The industry requires advanced software for scheduling the transportation of people and goods, fleet / vehicle availability, vehicle inspections and maintenance, vehicle capacity, and calculating efficient routes.  The software must be flexible enough to easily accommodate schedule changes.


Modern transportation companies must have the ability to track shipments and vehicles in real time to better communicate information with their customers and operate efficiently.


Customers expect transportation companies to provide feature rich and intuitive online / mobile applications to book and pay for travel and shipments.


Transportation companies must efficiently and accurately enter, store, edit, backup, archive and report on a great variety of data.  This includes vehicle information for inventory, inspection, maintenance and capacity, schedules, customer data, cargo and passenger data, incident management, and employee / HR data for instance.


The very nature of the transportation industry necessitates good mobile applications for a variety of efficient operations and better customer experiences.

A Few of Our Success Stories in the Transportation Industry

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