Application Enhancements

Most established organizations have made significant investments in the software that drives their business.  To stay competitive and address market demands, occasionally businesses must add functionality to an existing application or perhaps address performance concerns.  Most times, software enhancements can be accomplished quickly and cost effectively, leveraging the current code base.

With experience in nearly all programming languages, Brainspire is effective in providing short-term assistance to enhance an application by quickly understanding the business need, how the current application is constructed, developing the enhancement, testing the code and rolling out the new features.

For instance, a compounding pharmacy had a secure, customer-facing web application that had been used by physicians across the country for many years to place new drug orders.  To remain compliant with new FDA regulations, the software needed to be updated.  Within 45 days, Brainspire had analyzed the code base, made the necessary enhancements and even improved the performance of the site.   During the project, the customer experienced no disruption to their normal business operations.