Custom Software for Application Integration

Brainspire develops software solutions to integrate your organization’s internal, standalone applications, and your applications with key external business partners. Growing organizations tend to rely on off-the-shelf software, software as a service (SaaS) and custom built solutions to drive their business – but rarely does the chosen, out of the box, software solution work with other systems within or outside the business. This lack of cohesive integration creates manual processes that are time consuming, error prone and expensive.

Almost any software can now be integrated to improve productivity and data quality by developing and leveraging custom APIs (Application Programming Interface) and web services. Brainspire builds custom application integration solutions to meet your exact needs.

We Develop Custom API’s & Integrate Your Existing Applications

To move data in an out of your internal applications, and exchange information with outside sources, Brainspire develops custom APIs or maps your data to existing APIs. Most modern software solutions will have an API available, there are however, many times when no interface exists. With many types of APIs including program-centric APIs and the more popular Web APIs (REST for instance) we have the expertise to determine the best technical approach to meet your needs and develop a custom solution.

We Begin By Understanding the Existing Applications You Are Using

Our application integration projects begin by understanding the business problem you’re trying to solve and examines the existing applications you are using. With analysis of the systems and examination of available documentation from the software vendor, we’ll design a solution meeting your exact needs. We have integrated information between most mainstream software solutions and a number of more obscure and even custom solutions by examining the code and underlying database.

We Develop All Internal Application Integrations

Isolated systems within your organization contain extremely valuable information that should be leveraged by other systems for maximum productivity. Data entry into standalone software systems accounts for a high number of errors and inefficient processes. Brainspire solves this problem through application integration so all of your internal software can push and pull the necessary information into the desired software systems. We haven’t run into a piece of software yet, that we can’t integrate. As an example, a common scenario is to integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) information with an ERP (financial) solution for invoicing and / or account management. As a prospect becomes a customer, there should be no need to re-enter the customer information, which is likely to create data errors and bottlenecks in new customer setup. Perhaps you have silos of information within your organization? If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your organization with Internal Software Integration, please contact us by filling out the form on the left side of the page. We’ll be in touch within the day.

We Focus on Making All Your Applications Operate Well With Any 3rd Party Applications Needed

Data is everywhere and available to consume, mine and share. Business to business (B2B) integration allows organizations to securely share business leads, new research and virtually all kinds of critical data between systems. You’ve made the investment in your enterprise software just as other organizations have – so extend the functionality and increase your productivity to increase your revenue and bottom line profit. Brainspire can automate your business with virtually any system of any business partner by bridging the gap through common APIs. Share your B2B Integration goals with us by filling out the form on the left side of the page. We’ll be in touch within the day.

We Work Across a Variety of Platforms

Modern architectures leveraging separation of concerns and loose coupling all make use of web services for integration. Java / UNIX systems can be integrated with Microsoft .NET systems through web services and open source applications can be integrated to share data with a legacy application.

We have experience working with Web APIs (including REST & SOAP) and Program Centric APIs written in .NET, Java and other object oriented languages. We have integrated information in and out of countless 3rd party systems such as NetSuite, SAP, Dynamics, JD Edwards, Oracle, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM sitting on a variety of databases such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

Integrations Using the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing businesses to function and grow by consuming and controlling technology while leveraging the Internet, Wi-Fi and cellular networks instead of a dedicated network. IoT provides access to virtually any device that can connect to the Internet – anywhere in the world. With this connectivity to an endless number of devices, applications, sensors, etc., the integration between end points can provide value never dreamed of in the past.

Applications can now collect remote data never available before. Businesses can monitor performance in real time and respond to crisis or opportunity swiftly. The Internet provides the mechanism for integration, which affords startups and growing businesses with great opportunities and no network investment. If you have some ideas how IoT can change your business or provide greater value, contact us to schedule a discussion.