Business Process Workflow

Automating manual processes and workflow generally produces a high return on investment (ROI) for most organizations.  Think of the salary savings associated with eliminating manual data entry processes or the efficiencies gained within an IT Department with automated testing and continuous integration.  These are examples of using software to eliminate the costly, time consuming and error prone manual processes which are common in most organizations today.

Many of our clients come to Brainspire because they are seeking to streamline their organization’s manual business processes through automation.  They know their organization well.  They know where the bottlenecks are.  They know which processes produce the most data errors.  They have a vision for improvement but lack the technical expertise to move data and information efficiently between systems and end users.  Through a quick discovery and analysis session or two, Brainspire will be able to suggest a solution to automate the processes through integration, developing a simple workflow solution or an ETL process.  For larger workflow and Business Process Management solutions, there are 3rd party software tools which can be deployed and configured such as K2 or ServiceNow (Platform as a Service).  We design our systems to implement separation of concerns as well as to be able to scale out to allow extensibility and scalability.  Workflow helps in many cases to allow systems to scale out and avoid monolithic solutions.

Most workflow solutions can be developed relatively quickly and inexpensively.  As an example, a Denver based company that owns over 20 restaurants across the country came to us with a challenge.  Health regulations required various forms be filled out and saved at the end of each shift, detailing the cleaning and maintenance activities.  Employees were filling out paper forms throughout the day and either scanning and emailing or faxing these forms into headquarters for archival.  Many times these forms were not even legible.  Brainspire suggested building a simple web form on their intranet which could be routed, saved and searched to replace the time consuming manual processes.  The total solution would take less than 2 weeks to implement at a cost less than hiring 1 more part-time worker.