Cloud Based Software Development – Build and Host in the Cloud

Public and private cloud environments permit custom software development to be done in environments that are quick to set up, secure, scalable, and affordable. The time consuming and expensive tasks of procuring physical servers, configuring and maintaining mirrored Development, Test, Stage and Production environments are no longer necessary.

Application software developed and hosted in a scalable and secure cloud environment has proven to provide outstanding value for our customers in the small, medium and enterprise space. As organizations expand and add features, or experience high periods of use, these environments can be quickly configured and expanded to handle additional demand yet turned down as needed to reduce costs.

Cloud Based Software Development Solutions

Brainspire’s typical software development engagement begins quickly by simply turning spinning up a development environment with either Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services – using only what’s needed, when it’s needed. The tasks involved in setting up a new environment for test or staging is quite simple when compared to the configuration management needed with physical environments. Further, ensuring your Development, Test and Production environments are exactly the same now becomes much easier.

Why Develop Your Custom Software in the Cloud

Maintaining exact environments for Development, Test, Stage and Production to promote code becomes a much easier task in the cloud, ensuring the continuous integration of new software features without wasting expensive resources. Leveraging the web to get to the cloud with proper authentication also ensures any team member has the appropriate access to the environment from virtually anywhere at any time.

In addition, dedicated cloud environments are available to handle specific security concerns such as PCI and HIPPA compliance for example. Taking advantage of the research, experience and investments that Microsoft, Amazon and other enterprise technology companies have put into securing their cloud environments is a smart and cost effective way to ensure your software applications operate in a best of breed, secure environment. Brainspire can help you determine your specific cloud environment hosting needs and configure a solution that meets your exact needs.

We Can Build from Scratch, Migrate or Modify in the Cloud

Brainspire’s niche focus is developing software solutions – new development, enhancements to existing software and migrating legacy applications to meet your ever-changing business needs. The cloud has allowed our developers to focus on understanding your requirements and developing solutions instead of spending a significant amount of time and resources setting up and maintaining environments for Development, Test and Production. The environments have become a commodity in essence, allowing businesses to focus more on the functionality and features of their business software.

Building New Software in the Cloud

Brainspire stands up new environments in the cloud in a matter of minutes when developing new software solutions. The advantage of the cloud for new development projects is the ability to turn up new environments quickly that meet your exact specifications – only using and paying for exactly what you need, when you need it. As new requirements surface or change, the cloud environments can also be changed as appropriate. Modern applications with service oriented architectures flourish in scalable cloud environments and Brainspire has the expertise to create your unique business software solution by focusing quality of the requirements and code instead of the infrastructure.

Migrating Existing Software to the Cloud

As modern software architectures and solutions are replacing legacy / monolithic software, it makes sense to examine the hosting environment as well. Businesses find that their legacy solutions can no longer be enhanced in an effective way. When it’s time for a software migration, upgrade or rewrite, Brainspire typically recommends a migration out of the legacy data center rack and into the cloud to create a modern, scalable solution architecture that can change with your business going forward.

Enhancing Solutions Already in the Cloud

If your organization is already using the cloud, Brainspire is completely capable of jumping into your environment and quickly producing the software enhancements your organization needs to stay on top of its market. Developing software enhancements under the Agile methodology in a cloud environment will produce high quality results with high velocity.

Cloud Technologies That We Work With

Brainspire leverages Azure, AWS and private clouds for our clients based on your preferences and specific solution requirements. We do the investigation of features and pricing and make final recommendations to our clients for procurement. One of the main considerations in choosing the proper cloud solution to develop and host your solution is the level of expertise each individual client has in regards to systems administration. Azure and AWS both provide outstanding cloud solutions that allow customers great flexibility in options as long as the organization has the expertise to administer the environment. We usually recommend leveraging a private cloud and managed services for our clients without expertise to effectively administer the environment. We partner with some outstanding global and local cloud hosting companies to make sure each client has options and gets the right environment to meet your unique needs.