Application Development – Fully Custom Software Solutions

Brainspire Solutions creates full stack custom software applications that perfectly match your company’s needs. Why settle for out of the box software that doesn’t meet your exact needs when you can have a solution the precisely meets how you work. Our consultants drive the process for capturing requirements, providing an estimate, planning, architecture & development and solution delivery.

We have the expertise to develop business applications for the web, Windows and Unix/Linux platforms using Microsoft .NET, Java, other common open source languages, additional best of breed tools and cloud environments.

Custom Software That Meets Your Needs Exactly

There are a number of major benefits to custom software. Your software will function exactly as you need it to, with no work arounds or missing functionality slowing down productivity. Your business is unique and your software should allow your company to be innovative and adapt to changing marketing conditions. As your business changes, the solution can also be enhanced to grow with your business allowing you the flexibility to adapt to a changing market.  Custom software can also be developed to integrate with virtually every other internal and external system, increasing your organization’s ability to maximize operations.  Finally, you own the software – it’s your intellectual property.  So there are no more 3rd party annual licensing and maintenance fees to pay for software with a promise from the vendor to deliver new features that may or may not meet your needs sometime in the future.

Our Process Begins With a Vision Discussion and Needs Assessment

It’s critically important that we get to know your business vision and goals. By understanding what you’re trying to accomplish we can help determine if new software is necessary, if enhancements can be made to existing software or perhaps you can benefit from an integration to other systems. Generally with a 1 hour business discussion, we can determine the high level approach and let you know if our expertise and approach is a good fit for your company. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your organization, please contact us by clicking here. We’ll be in touch within the day.

Planning the Right Technology Platform and Architecture

After the vision discussion, the next step is a more detailed examination of the business and technology requirements to produce a high-level estimate, preliminary architecture & design and project plan.  Depending on the complexity of your organization’s needs, we are usually able to deliver an approach and a high level estimate within a few days. We’ll determine if the ideal solution is a cloud based solution for instance and discuss the advantages of a service based architecture to meet your immediate and longer term needs.

Are Your Needs Best Met By a Web, Mobile or Desktop Application?

Each client we serve has unique business needs and we’ll determine if the ideal solution is a web application utilizing responsive design or a true mobile app. Or perhaps a desktop application best meets your needs as this technology is still relevant in many situations.

We Provide Full Stack Solutions With a Wide Range of Programming Languages, Databases and Operating Systems

Our full stack developers have expertise in a number of relevant and best of breed development technologies including:

  • Windows / Unix / LINUX
  • .NET / Java / PHP
  • HTML / JavaScript / AngularJS / NodeJS / JQuery / CSS / AJAX / XML
  • SOA / Web Services / Micro Services / APIs / REST
  • Xamarin / PhoneGap
  • SQL Server / PostgreSQL / Oracle / MySQL

We Provide Assistance For Your Entire Software Needs

Brainspire has a proven track record of providing business software solutions for our clients that includes New Application DevelopmentApplication Enhancements, and legacy system Upgrades and Rewrites. We also have experience in project rescues for when your internal software development project has hit a critical point in the lifecycle and your organization’s goals are not being met. Brainspire has a proven track record providing business software solutions for our clients that includes New Application Development, Application Enhancements, and legacy system Upgrades and Rewrites. We also have experience in project rescues for when your internal software development project has hit a critical point in the lifecycle and your organization’s goals are not being met.

We engage with our clients on a fully outsourced project basis, staff augmentation basis, and by blending our employees into your existing development teams to share our knowledge and enhance your own team’s capabilities.

Application Enhancements

Adding new features to existing enterprise applications to enhance functionality and productivity, leveraging past investments and the technologies already in place.

Upgrades & Rewrites

Modernizing legacy applications to bring the technology stack up to current supported standards while adding new features and functionality to improve usability, performance, security, reliability, maintainability, extensibility and total cost of ownership.

New Development

Developing innovative customer-facing software products or internal business applications with an emphasis on delivering solutions that are intuitive, feature rich, secure, maintainable and extensible leveraging the architectural concepts of SAAS, micro services and loosely coupled, modular components.