Data Cleansing & Integration

Data is everywhere, both inside and outside of organizations.  Getting access to this data, pulling it all together, and ensuring that it is accurate and usable can be extremely challenging.

Leveraging common Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes and tools through ODBC, SSIS and Informatica, we have helped many organizations leverage data from disparate sources, improve the overall quality and reliability of this data and store their data for easy access.

Through our involvement with many of our clients, we find that people throughout these organizations are constantly requesting new reports or information.  They know the data is “out there” somewhere, but with data dispersed across the company in legacy systems, on someone’s desktop maintained in an Excel spreadsheet, or within a key partner’s system it’s challenging for an organization to efficiently locate, cleanse, collect, store and deliver the necessary information in a timely manner. Brainspire is passionate about digging in, finding this data, and helping these organizations.