Database Design & Development

Organizations rely on data for decision support and to drive their business. Virtually every business application collects, stores and pushes critical information.  Whether a business stores their data in a structured central data repository, through a distributed architecture with traditional relational databases (RDBMS), or by leveraging emerging Big Data approaches (NoSQL / Hadoop) to handle massive amounts of unstructured data, proper database design and development is critical for company performance.

Brainspire develops data store solutions that meet each client’s exact needs, generally leveraging Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle relational databases in a cloud environment.  While most organizations don’t have a business case that requires a NoSQL or Hadoop solution, if a client is dealing with huge amounts of unstructured data from a variety of sources (massive amounts of social data, for instance) we will recommend a Big Data solution.

Building enterprise level business applications, Brainspire deals with data collection and storage solutions on virtually every project. While the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) are important for ease of use and adoption, the business solution is generally useless without an accurate and responsive data layer.  We have designed and developed database solutions to support applications for logistics, manufacturing, handling inventory, Ecommerce, filing taxes, banking and finance, real estate, and countless other business applications.