Hybrid Mobile Applications

A hybrid application is a web application that is hosted in a native app container on each device to allow access to device capabilities.  The native app container handles the device interaction and the web application handles the user experience and business logic.  Developing and maintaining a hybrid mobile application presents some compelling benefits including cross platform support for both iPhone and Android devices, providing access to device capabilities, local device installation and allowing for an unobtrusive way to provide application updates.  Hybrid applications provide a long-term benefit for application maintenance and upgrades in terms of time and costs, although the user experience will be somewhat diminished and the application typically needs a web connection to function, unless a caching mechanism is used.

Leveraging both native and web application development techniques, Brainspire builds hybrid applications to meet an organization’s exact functional needs and long-term maintenance and cost goals.  There are a number of 3rd party tools to assist in developing hybrid mobile application including Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, Archetype and Sensa Touch.  New 3rd party tools are coming to market all the time and we are constantly evaluating new approaches and techniques.