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Mobile web applications are the most abundant, easiest to build, and least costly to upgrade and maintain.   Basically, a mobile web application is a fully functional web site that uses a browser on the mobile device. It is the easiest type of mobile solution to deploy for cross platform functionality, there are no apps to manage in the stores and has the fastest time to market when deploying to multiple platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows).  Mobile web solutions meet most business needs.  Because mobile web applications are not installed directly on the phone, the biggest drawback to utilizing a mobile web application is that the device must be connected to the web in order for the application to function.  In addition, mobile web applications can’t access most device functionality.

When deciding to build a mobile web application compared to a native or hybrid application, the business case needs to be examined.  Unless there is a compelling business case for a native or hybrid mobile application, Brainspire will likely recommend a mobile web application due to time and cost considerations.  Other exceptions include whether native device functionality is required for the application to meet the business need.  Using responsive design, a fully functional application can be built to perform exceptionally well on any mobile device, using one code base to support all users.  In addition to building new mobile web applications for business users and consumers on the go, Brainspire can transform legacy applications to function on mobile devices, further extending past investments and providing low cost, highly maintainable mobile business solutions.

Brainspire developed a mobile application for audience participation at “Tank Type” events.  Attendees at local SIMTank (SIM-Colorado), TroutTank (SBDC) and MADTank (Denver Gives) can participate in the event by investing funds and leaving comments for presenters through their mobile device.  This mobile web application is easy and cost effective to maintain, has been updated repeatedly and provides an intuitive interface for easy use.  The application was built using ASP.NET MVC with Bootstrap for a responsive web site the looks good on any device, and Microsoft Azure for a scalable backend to support events of any size.  As the use of mobile devices continue to grow, it’s important to note that Brainspire uses responsive design and mobile web techniques on nearly all of our public facing applications, taking a mobile first approach.

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Custom Application Development

Brainspire Solutions creates full stack custom software applications that perfectly match your company’s needs. Why settle for out of the box software that doesn’t meet your exact needs when you can have a solution the precisely meets how you work. Our consultants drive the process for capturing requirements, providing an estimate, planning, architecture & development and solution delivery.


Data & Business Intelligence

Brainspire’s business intelligence consultants work onsite with our customers to understand exactly what questions you have and what answers you are looking for. The best and fastest way to understand your needs and provide solutions is to be “in” your business, bridging the gap between your business goals and your technical systems and raw data. Seldom does the “canned” report provide the detailed insight decision makers are looking for. Brainspire will work side by side with you to provide dashboards, reports, and analytics using the latest business intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.


Portals & Web Applications

A company’s website is the world’s window into an organization and should accurately represent the essence of the mission, goals, culture and operations. Not only should it be appealing from a visual standpoint, it needs to function flawlessly from a usability and performance standpoint on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Quality sites can’t simply function as digital brochures; they must attract visitors and engage new and loyal customers. This holds true for public sites, company intranets and secure extranet portals.


Application Integration

Brainspire develops software solutions to integrate your organization’s internal, standalone applications, and your applications with key external business partners. Growing organizations tend to rely on off-the-shelf software, software as a service (SaaS) and custom built solutions to drive their business – but rarely does the chosen, out of the box, software solution work with other systems within or outside the business. This lack of cohesive integration creates manual processes that are time consuming, error prone and expensive.


Mobile Development

Today, more users access the web through a mobile device than from a laptop or desktop computer. For this reason, it is critical that software applications are efficiently usable from a tablet or a smart phone for today’s workforce. As a custom software development firm, Brainspire leverages a variety of tools to build highly customized applications that function on countless devices. These solutions include native, hybrid and mobile web applications that can be used either when connected or not. Each business use case is unique, and the mobile requirements, and form factors, need to be considered when creating a custom mobile solution.

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