Native Mobile Applications

Sales of Android and Apple smart phones and a variety of tablets have exploded over the last few years.  Today there are more mobile devices in use than humans on the planet.   Demand and sales will continue to increase as users demand functionality on the go.  Native applications are installed directly on the device and do not need to be connected to the web in order to function.  Performance is rich and native apps typically leverage device features such as the camera or geolocation functionality.  While native applications are all the rage, they are expensive to build and maintain.  Each iPhone or Android upgrade or new device presents challenges to the business for code maintenance and deployment.  The decision for a business to build a native application should be examined carefully.

As a custom software development firm, Brainspire writes native mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices using the native programming languages.  We understand the complexities of getting the apps through the various stores and into the market.  Because of the investment necessary and complexity of maintaining native applications, Brainspire will review the business case prior to taking on a native application project and may make a recommendation to consider a Hybrid application or mobile web solution, which is more cost effective to build and maintain.  Common tools Brainspire leverages to build native applications includes Android Studio, XCode, and Xamarin.