Website Development

An organization’s public website is its window to the world.  Building the pages and basic content is easy with any modern content management system (CMS), and we typically recommend working with a web design firm to create sites that simply present visually appealing information.  However, most companies that want a world-class website with enhanced features and backend integration will be better served by hiring a custom software development firm, such as Brainspire, in addition to a design firm.  Sites that require integration to a backend data store, APIs or an ERP increases the complexity, including performance and security concerns.  A public facing website that has complex functionality and transaction processing should be considered a web application and not a simple website.  Features that add complexity to a website that may require a software development firm as opposed to (or in addition to) a web design firm include:

  • Responsive Design for rendering on smart phones and tablets (mobile web)
  • Integration with 3rd party digital marketing platforms
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Integration with ERPs
  • Integration with billing systems
  • Ecommerce / Credit Card Processing
  • API Integration
  • Authentication for personalization and secure data presentation
  • Integration for customer support / Live Chat features
  • Integration with social sites

Brainspire applies our custom application development processes and Development Framework to our website development projects.  We partner with web design firms to ensure the public website is both visually appealing and functions as required, paying particular attention to online transaction processing, performance, and security.

A nutrition supplement company wanted to launch a new website, providing better consumer education about their product and increasing their online sales.   They hired a design firm to build the new look and style templates, and help develop new content using the WordPress platform.  They hired Brainspire to deploy the new WordPress site with a cloud hosting company, provide integration to their NetSuite ERP, and research and integrate a variety of 3rd party plugins for ecommerce, tax calculations, shipping, and inventory management.