Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of our recent client successes. Each client had unique business goals and situations which required a custom software solution. Brainspire helped each customer achieve real business benefits and a high return on their investment by building a trusted mutually beneficial relationship and leveraging the Brainspire Development Framework.

Smiling warehouse workers preparing a shipment in a large warehouseJohns Manville

Global manufacturer of construction materials products identified core KPI’s and metrics to measure department and transportation provider performance.

Dashboards and visualizations were created to provide additional insight into shipping volume, rate of utilization of automation tools, and other KPI’s identified by the client. 
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Hunter_Douglas_PictureHunter Douglas

The market leader in window treatments streamlined their information systems and software development practices.

The global leader in window blinds and treatments was in the process of converting its application and database to a new architecture. To improve its processing of custom orders, the client needed to make more order information available on the production floor. Additionally, a new product was being launched and needed to be included into the new solution. Although highly skilled, the client’s development staff required additional resources to efficiently complete a project of this scope.
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image-png-Apr-16-2021-10-35-50-31-PMGlobal Payment Processing

A large global payment processing company needed a tool to reduce tedious time intensive data entry tasks.

Within this global payment procession company, the entire operations team had to manually input data to onboard new users and clients. This process was taking an excessive amount of time and resources. Manual data entry created some data integrity issues which needed to be improved.

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briotix-healthBriotix OscarLink

Briotix/OscarLink needed to upgrade a legacy application due to the expired version of Windows it was running on.

Briotix had a legacy classic ASP application, OscarLink, that needed upgrading before support for the Windows it had to run on expired.

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briotix-healthBriotix Dashboard

Injury prevention diagnostic software company needs a better understanding of the data collected to provide more accurate and fair testing.

Briotix wanted more insight into their data so they could help their clients understand trends and patterns with their prospective employees and thereby provide more accurate and fair testing across the board.

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sliSLI Global Solutions

SLI Global Solutions Increases Market Penetration with New Automated Testing Suite.

SLI Global Solutions is a technology services company focused on software testing. SLI Global had been working on a prototype of a new automated testing framework called BPTSelenium (Business Process Testing), which is a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Selenium framework (an open source test automation framework), to allow non-technical subject matter experts to write and perform automated software tests. The BPTSelenium prototype product lacked a large amount of functionality necessary for release.  SLI Global lacked development and project management expertise.
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A rapidly growing renewable energy management firm, requires additional development expertise to help launch a new version of their platform.

A pioneering company in renewable energy management faced an ambitious schedule to release a next-generation version of their flagship software platform. The firm had a core group of in-house developers that were balancing their work between their core software and auxiliary projects. The client needed to develop custom testing and quality evaluation (QE) tools to accommodate the unique capabilities of its new technology.

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otterbox2-1Global Phone Case Manufacturer

Global Phone Case Manufacturer Streamlines Customer Data Integration and Dashboard Reporting.

The Client (manufacturer) did not know how products were performing “in channel” after wholesaling inventory into Retailer, Carriers, and Indirect Distributors. Without having a clear understanding of “consumer sell through rates” and channel inventory, the Client was unable to take action on customer inventory risks and was unable to identify sales opportunities with factual data. The Client wanted to be able to view all of the Point of Sale and Channel Inventory data in aggregate to access inventory risks and opportunities that could be reported up to the executive level as an early indicator of risks and opportunities. The Client also wanted to be able to integrate this channel data with ERP, Financial, and Operational data so they could have a one-stop shop for operation reporting and analytical modeling.

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cosmetics-1 Cosmetics Company

An international cosmetics firm gains new insight and clarity into their order management process.

The client is a multi-national cosmetics company that delivers high-quality products to budget conscious consumers. Orders followed a complicated processing path through several different platforms, ranging from legacy systems to newer platforms such as NetSuite, making it a challenge to locate and track orders through their lifecycle. Consequently, order fulfillment was not as efficient as it could be and finding overdue orders that needed to be shipped was problematic. The client hired Brainspire’s Business Intelligence and Reporting talent to address these challenges while allowing its internal IT staff to focus on other projects.

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abcuts_claAb Cuts Website

New e-commerce website moves revenue stream from brick-and-mortar stores to the web, improves internal fulfillment processes, and increases customer awareness.

Corr Jensen’s various product lines are currently handled through a variety of different website platforms, which makes upkeep difficult. Corr Jensen’s website for their “Ab Cuts” product line was outdated and needed to be refreshed. Maintaining the shopping cart functionality on their old Ab Cuts website was becoming increasingly more expensive. Corr Jensen wanted a new, sleeker, well-functioning e-commerce website that would still connect and sync with their ERP system, NetSuite, and cost less per month to maintain.

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Young smiling nurse standing upright while leaning her head to the sideUS Nursing

One of the largest travel nurse providers in the country improves internal communications.

With thousands of nurses and other employees spread across the country, the client needed to provide reliable, instant access to its extensive reference library and employee documents. The firm wished to track how documents are being accessed to better manage its document library. To assist employees in finding relevant information as quickly as possible, the company needed to incorporate new search capabilities within a new, dynamic User Interface.

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tuff_shed Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed Automates Integration with Home Depot to Drive Revenue and Cut Costs.

Tuff Shed is America’s leading provider of installed storage buildings and garages and also wholesales their product lines through Home Depot across the country. Tuff Shed has a fully implemented JD Edwards ERP installation that is used throughout the enterprise to track and manage manufacturing and purchase orders, but they struggled with extending and integrating the ERP to meet new and unique business demands. Tuff Shed manages their own website, as well as a website for Home Depot, to help drive sales to the correct channel. The websites were both outdated, and Tuff Shed had difficulty keeping content up to date.

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SIM_Colorado_Shark_TankStartups and Local Non-Profits

Mobile Application Helps Startups and Local Non-Profits Capture Feedback and Investment Dollars

Brainspire was looking to support a local non-profit organization in the Denver community by applying our mobile software development talent. The Society for Information Management (SIM-Colorado) was putting on a “Shark Tank” like event called “SIMTank” to raise money for KidsTek, a local non-profit STEM program. The concept was for local technology start-ups to give a 5-minute pitch to a panel of investors and audience members. Brainspire volunteered to build a mobile application for audience members to participate in the event

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Excell-Foodservice-Equipment-Dealer-Network_default-logo Excell Marketing and Procurement

Excell Marketing and Procurement Group automates payment reconciliation through member portal.

Brainspire enhanced the client’s existing customer portal site to make necessary changes and improvements to support new initiatives.Read More To Learn How Brainspire Helped

frontier Frontier Airlines

Frontier needed automated testing assistance and leadership to develop a framework for quality assurance including regression testing as new features were released.

“Frontier has been engaged with Brainspire for a little over a year now, and the experience has been top notch. The people they provide are professional, driven and willing to help in making a difference however they can at Frontier. I really like the fact that their resources are full-time employees of Brainspire and are well taken care of. It shows in their attitudes and approach to work each day.”

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selectflexSmallwood Select Financial Services

Financial Corporation needed a better way to manage clients’ activities and policy renewals.

“The software I wanted to help run my business more efficiently didn’t exist.Brainspire helped me prioritize my requirements and built the exact web-based, cloud-hosted software we needed.The iterative process allowed me to add features over time, and the application can be easily extended to meet future needs”

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social-logoRider Levett Bucknall

A construction management company needed help collecting data and displaying it to clients.

“Brainspire Solutions has consistently delivered smart, interactive reporting tools. They take our most detailed data and turn it into a comprehensive yet accessible display of our findings that pairs well with our other client presentation materials. Their team listens to our needs and has the skills to execute our vision every time.”

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bbwBanker’s Bank of the West Opt Blue

Banker’s Bank of the West needed a better way to retrieve data for a new credit card issuer.

“For several years, Brainspire has aided us in large-scale, critical projects that required full stack development in varied environments. Their team has bucked the trend of “introverted developers”, and every member has been willing and able to be business and user focused, putting us as the customer first and foremost. They have truly tried to give us the best possible experience and find the best solutions for our needs.”

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Banker's Bank of the West Prepaid App

Bankers Bank of the West had an outdated but necessary application that needed to be rewritten using modern technologies.

They desired to move custom applications from being desktop focused toward building new solutions as web-based applications.

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Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband needed an API created that could interact with the CSG systems they began using.

“Brainspire helped us bring our eCommerce vision to reality. From the boots on the ground to the executive team, their contributions and support were pivotal in achieving our goals."

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Frontier Geotek

Communications firm needed updates to critical web applications.

“It would be hard for me to overstate the positive impact that partnering with Brainspire has had on our business. At a time when we were lacking resources, the Brainspire team stepped in and completed several important projects for us. Not only were those projects a success, but the professionalism and quality displayed by the Brainspire team have directly led to more opportunities with our customers. We look forward to a continuing successful partnership with Brainspire!"

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Banker's Bank of the West User Authorization

Banker’s Bank of the West had an unfinished application they needed completed and able to meet industry regulations and audit requirements.

The bank's existing application had a shell in place of the basic needs and requirements; however, some required functions were incomplete.

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