• Banker’s Bank of the West operates as a correspondent bank offering a variety of services to local community banks.
  • BBW has a large library of internally developed applications in use to support internal operations.They need to replace many legacy applications that are built on obsolete technologies and run on platforms no longer supported.
  • “Prepaids” is an application built to manage prepaid expenses which are initially recorded on the balance sheet as an asset and amortized over time.
  • This “Prepaids” application was built using Microsoft Access 2000 and had not been kept up to date as new versions of Access were released. Therefore, the application could only be run on a desktop machine running Windows XP.


  • BBW engaged with Brainspire to rewrite the application using modern technologies.
  • They desired to move custom applications from being desktop focused toward building new solutions as web-based applications.
  • The solution involved implementing two new components.
    • A client application built in Angular 10 which offers a modern web-based user interface. New UI components were created to replace all functionality that existed in the legacy Access design.
    • An API layer built in ASP.NET Core 3.1 which is responsible for providing necessary HTTP endpoints for the client application to interact with the system. All business logic and data access is contained within the API layer. The system integrates via HTTP with other internal systems to post necessary adjustment entries to the General Ledger.


  • BBW now has a modern application that can be used and supported into the future.
  • The original scope of the project was to replace the application with “like-in-kind” functionality, but the team was able to identify useful business rules that could be applied for client and server-side validation that did not exist in the legacy application.
  • Currently, the Client chooses to host all software applications with their internal environments, however Brainspire built the new “Prepaids” application in a way that can be easily migrated into a cloud environment if/when the client is ready to transition.
  • BBW no longer needs to maintain virtual machines running on unsupported versions of Operating Systems for the sole purpose of providing access to a single legacy application.

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