• Banker’s Bank of the West operates as a correspondent bank, offering a variety of services to local community banks.
  • BBW had made an initial investment in building a custom software tool to track repetitive tasks performed by staff plus any system-wide changes that would potentially introduce either business or technical risks to the organization.
  • The necessity of this tool is to comply with necessary industry regulations and audit requirements.
  • This piece of software had been scoped, and initial development was completed roughly two years ago.
  • The existing application had a shell in place of the basic needs and requirements; however, some required functions were incomplete.


  • The Client contracted with Brainspire to finalize the development of the existing application which was built as a Native Windows application using the WPF toolset.
  • The Brainspire team refactored the existing codebase to provide better organization and encapsulation, making the application easier to understand and maintain.
  • The Brainspire team evaluated additional requests and requirements, mitigating gaps in the initial scope of what was developed with the Client’s current expectations and needs.


  • BBW now has a fully functioning application that addresses all their requirements.
  • Employees can now create and view their scheduled tasks and document the completion of work performed.
  • Changes to technical systems can be tracked along with a risk rating providing insight into potential risks and impacts of those changes.
  • Management can track employees assigned task workload, view business and system changes, and review the history of these changes over time.
  • This tool serves as a system of record, providing an audit trail of modifications and changes to satisfy necessary audit requirements.

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