• Briotix works with clients to provide reliable and consistent testing to ensure employees are physically capable of safely performing their jobs.
  • Briotix performs these tests via machines loaded with sensors to accurately assess a potential candidate’s capability and fitness.
  • Briotix owns the software that operates these machines but had limited insight into the data they contained.
  • Originally, the only insight they had into their data was through a pre-defined and rigid results report from the software output.
  • Briotix wanted more insight into their data so they could help their clients understand trends and patterns with their prospective employees and thereby provide more accurate and fair testing across the board.


  • Brainspire worked with an internal team at Briotix/BTE to create an end-to-end solution for Briotix’s business users starting with extracting the data from the machines and ending with attractive, intuitive, interactive reports that could help inform their decision making.
  • The Briotix team extracted, transformed, and loaded data into an SQL Server Analysis Services tabular model, and Brainspire used the data from that model to create PowerBI reports.
  • Brainspire used creativity to create reports that went beyond the expectations of users.
  • Additionally, Brainspire was quick and responsive to the needs and requests of the business concerning the reports


  • Since being launched in early 2020, the portal has had zero downtime (outside of scheduled Windows release).
  • Azure hosting has saved Briotix 65% on their hosting costs every month.
  • CI/CD pipeline was created for both U.S. and Canada to allow for consistent and reliable deployments. This included automating and configuring the Power BI reports.
  • The improved scheduling features have removed common issues that occurred in the old application, like double bookings and bookings outside of the clinic hours.
  • The improved UI and UX have allowed for easier onboarding and training of new clients and staff

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Download the Case Study