• Briotix had a legacy classic ASP application, OscarLink, that needed upgrading before support for the Windows it had to run on expired.
  • OscarLink is the web-based communication platform that enables the real-time exchange of information and management of BTE’s Workforce Solution.
  • The application supported the scheduling and review of several types of pre-and post-employment screening activities using custom machinery.
  • The solution was a total rewrite and redesign to take advantage of what they had learned after using the legacy system for 15+ years.


  • ASP.NET core application hosted on Azure, supported by blob storage and Azure functions was chosen to provide for easy hosting.
  • The portal was redesigned from scratch with a new look and feel and a streamlined, user-friendly experience around scheduling and reviewing screenings.
  • Power BI was used for admin reporting to help stakeholders access critical insights.
  • A custom scheduling solution was built with a user-friendly calendar view to simplify scheduling for Briotix.
  • Due to healthcare regulations, one code base supports both the Canadian and U.S. business.


  • Since being launched in early 2020, the portal has had zero downtime (outside of scheduled Windows release).
  • Azure hosting has saved Briotix 65% on their hosting costs every month.
  • CI/CD pipeline was created for both U.S. and Canada to allow for consistent and reliable deployments. This included automating and configuring the Power BI reports.
  • The improved scheduling features have removed common issues that occurred in the old application, like double bookings and bookings outside of the clinic hours.
  • The improved UI and UX have allowed for easier onboarding and training of new clients and staff

Download the Case Study

Download Our Customer Case Study: Briotix OscarLink

Download the Case Study