• Cool Planet’s online employee portal (built with SharePoint) was relatively new and underutilized by the employees.
  • Cool Planet wanted to increase employee interaction with the portal by setting up Employee Recognition Programs.
  • The internal online portal also had a Sales Order Tracking SharePoint list but was not complex enough to track everything the company needed. It had become more of a burden than a benefit.


  • Brainspire worked with Cool Planet to design the Employee Recognition Programs that would meet their needs in two parts.
  • A Thank-You card page where an employee could quickly send a thank-you note to a co-worker with the ability to copy others.
    • It was built using HTML inside an InfoPath form. The card is aesthetically pleasing and easy to fill out and access from the SharePoint portal.
  • A Quarterly Award Program in which the employees would nominate a fellow employee to win the Award.
    • It was built with InfoPath and is and uses Cool Planet’s brand colors.
    • The form uses SharePoint workflows when submitted to pass the form on to the correct people.
    • It also features a Hall-of-Fame that employees can visit,
  • To improve the Order Tracking Process a SharePoint workflow was built out to accommodate the complex flow of orders and keep the customer updated on the status of their shipment.


  • Employees now have more reason to log on and use Cool Planet’s portal.
  • Feedback on the Employee Recognition program was very positive. The Thank-You card system was used immediately.
  • Employees using the Order Tracking System were pleased with the new email notifications they received whenever orders entered a new stage of the process.
  • Because employees received more immediate feedback on their orders, they were more likely to keep that order up to date.

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