• A primary service offered by the Client is employment and income verification.
  • The Client retains enormous amounts of data.
  • The Client was in the process of being acquired by a large Financial Services company.
  • Just before the Client was to be acquired, their sole developer left them.
  • Only a zip file of what could be the latest source code was left for a new developer to access


  • Brainspire was brought in and immediately began work on accessing the source code and eliminating major security issues so the acquisition could move forward.
  • The team moved to an Agile methodology for handling each iteration through the project.
  • The team expanded and split the environment from one web and database server, giving them a separate development and test environment.
  • Utilizing Azure, a CD/CI pipeline was implemented, and the team migrated from TFS to Git for one-click deployments to production with rollback capabilities.
  • Static code analysis with Fortify was implemented.
  • The system was updated to provide support for expanded character sets.
  • The team improved error handling and system messaging.
  • Unit testing was implemented


  • The Brainspire team’s ability to work quickly, access the source code, and eliminate security issues allowed the Client to continue its operations and move forward with the upcoming acquisition.
  • Creating a separate development and testing environment eliminated downtime for the system and kept the Client up and running.
  • The system was able to be expanded in order to move data into the new enterprise’s environment

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Download the Case Study