• An employment and income verification company possessed an enormous repository of data.
  • This company was purchased by the Client, a national financial services company.
  • The Client needed to merge the data into their system.
  • The format of the purchased company’s data was incompatible with the Client’s format.
  • A solution was needed to restructure the purchased data and migrate it from the purchased company into the Client’s system.


  • The Brainspire team developed an automated tool called the “Payroll Exporter” to extract and transform company payroll data into a format suitable for the Client’s system.
  • Scheduled extraction jobs are managed and deployed by an orchestration system for extraction-approved companies.
  • The team built in a large variety of automated tests. They set up automatic deployments via Azure DevOps.
  • The team also built an Administration Dashboard to monitor and schedule jobs as well as to manage extraction-approved company configurations.


  • With this new tool, the Client’s system can now completely digest the employment data stored on the acquired company’s system.
  • The solution allows the clients of Brainspire’s Client to remain on the original system of the acquired company rather than forcing them to reformat their data, keeping their own clients satisfied.

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Download the Case Study