• Frontier GeoTek(FGI) is a spatial analytics company utilizing a Geographic Information System. They support many of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.S.
  • FGI had many production web applications for their customers written in outdated PHP.
  • The employee who wrote these applications had left the company, and FGI had no developers employed at the time.
  • Most of the applications were unfinished or needed added functionality.
  • FGI needed technical guidance on SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) processes and best practices.
  • Servers and applications would routinely crash, causing interruptions to customers and requiring FGI to respond to after-hours support.


  • The Brainspire team performed an audit of all existing applications and resources, discovering ways to reduce costs and improve resiliency.
  • The team gradually migrated existing legacy PHP/jQuery functionality to C# .NET Core and Vue.js.
  • The team migrated the applications from local hosting to Azure hosting.
  • They added automating builds and deployments support by adding automated tests (CI/CD).
  • The team used Agile methodology to help FGI estimate and meet deadlines across all projects.


  • With the Brainspire team’s assistance, FGI was able to meet current obligations and start new development projects.
  • FGI now has more accurate timelines and estimates for development projects.
  • The development process increased visibility to the current and projected status of projects.
  • CI/CD provided confidence and reliability for deployments.
  • There was a decrease in support incidents.
  • FGI’s hosting costs were reduced by approximately 30%.
  • There has been an improved redundancy and durability of applications by using Azure features and multiple regions.

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Download the Case Study