• Within this global payment procession company, the entire operations team had to manually input data to onboard new users and clients.
  • This process was taking an excessive amount of time and resources.
  • Manual data entry created some data integrity issues which needed to be improved.


  • The Brainspire developer created an internal tool to aid in the consolidation of data entry.
  • The developer created another application for data verification and validation to improve the quality.
  • Brainspire accomplished this by refactoring and updating a Java API that allows the Client to onboard users and clients.
  • A JavaScript application was created using the Angular framework and Material design to create an internal UI tool to upload Excel files and onboard their clients.
  • The work also included creating stories, providing technical details and acceptance criteria, and interacting with the Client’s team to provide the application to internal users.


  • The solution increased employee productivity and reduced tedious data entry tasks, freeing up company resources to address more meaningful items.
  • Overall quality improved because of the automated processes and data validation.

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Download Our Customer Case Study: Global Payment Processing

Download the Case Study