• IDS has radar monitoring set up at mines to monitor open pit walls for movement. They also monitor dams.
  • Guardian is the desktop software that processes the radar data and provides topographical visuals, alerts, charts, and other analytical data.
  • Because Guardian is a desktop-only system, it is challenging to get all stakeholders access to the machine where the software is running.
  • IDS needed a web portal for easy access to key functionality from Guardian.


  • Brainspire was contracted to create the web portal.
  • The team created an ASP.NET Core web app hosted in Azure, supported by Blob storage and Azure Functions.
  • The portal allows for multitenancy so that multiple projects can be hosted at once, but each client’s data is isolated from the others.
  • The portal supports these main functions:
    • Allows IDS a central place to manage projects and communications by uploading documents and posting messages.
    • The user can request and view displacement and velocity images from Guardian as a png.
    • The portal will check for alerts from Guardian and post them in the UI for users to see.
  • Admin functions were created to allow IDS to administer users, create new projects, and add additional radar devices.


  • Brainspire created a CI/CD pipeline to ensure reliable and consistent deployments.
  • Azure hosting allows IDS to easily add scaling and redundancy to their portal as needed.
  • The portal allows IDS clients to easily access their critical data without having to VPM/connect through multiple secure layers at the mine/dam.
  • The centralized portal and document storage allows for easy management and distribution of information.

Download the Case Study

Download Our Customer Case Study: IDSNA Geo Portal

Download the Case Study