• Focused on customer satisfaction, a national IT management and contract consulting firm looked to expand its workforce to accommodate a growing demand for its services.
  • The firm, specializes in helping to configure and customize its clients’ Oracle Service Cloud (OSC) instances and has completed over 200 successful contract projects.
  • Driven by business from existing customers, the firm has repeatedly earned a place on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing privately owned companies in the country.


  • While many of the firm’s clients have their own IT departments, they prefer to leverage the firm’s expertise in C#, Oracle Service Cloud, and web development.
  • The firm also offers functional and management consulting to its clients to improve their business processes, efficiency, and reduce expenses.
  • The Brainspire talent seamlessly integrated as part of the firm’s development team and worked to deliver customized customer-facing contact and support websites.
  • These websites were developed using various technologies: PHP, C#, HTML/CSS/JS, and proprietary Oracle Service Cloud deployment tools.
  • The Brainspire staff participated in daily standups, new feature demonstrations, and offered technical expertise during meetings with product owners and key stakeholders.


  • By incorporating the Brainspire talent within its development team, the client continues its nationally recognized growth with minimal disruption and onboarding costs.
  • After implementing the firm’s solutions, its clients typically realize higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced requests for customer support, improved incident handling, and more efficient support metrics.
  • Along with the continued increase in customer satisfaction, the firm’s clients realize improved productivity and a reduction in expenses that the firm is nationally recognized for delivering.

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