• Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) is a large-scale, project-based construction management company.
  • RLB helps their client complete large construction projects by managing the financials, timeline, and resources involved in the project.
  • RLB has their own methods of planning and tracking their projects but did not have a consistent, reliable, or attractive way to show these project statistics to their clients.
  • Because of a lack of consistency and reporting-tool knowledge, RLB was stuck showing their project financials to clients via Excel charts and graphs.


  • RLB wanted to make their reporting more polished and professional, so they engaged Brainspire to help.
  • Brainspire was given a variety of data sources to integrate with.
  • Brainspire used Power BI’s connectors to import data and Power BI’s data analytics engine (PowerQuery) to clean, transform, and combine the data.
  • Finally, Brainspire creatively designed beautiful front-end reports that are intuitive and interactive.


  • RLB uses these new Power BI reports not only to help manage and double-check their project progress but also to present to their clients.
  • These attractive and custom reports are a benefit to their clients and raise the value of RLB’s management services.
  • RLB can also use these reports as an incentive to potential new clients.

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Download Our Customer Case Study: Rider Levett Bucknall

Download the Case Study