• The Client, Rise Broadband, provides high-speed internet to residential and business customers.
  • The Client wanted to begin utilizing CSG for their SLBOS and Order Services systems.
  • Rise Broadband wanted Brainspire to create an API to interact directly with CSG’s systems that could be used throughout their APIs for themselves and third parties.


  • Some of the technologies specified by the Client were Docker containers, Python, Flask (Python API framework), and Sentry (for error reporting).
  • The team used a self-hosted GitLab instance for source control, plus automated builds and deployments.
  • Because CSGs services were SOAP based, the team used Zeep(Python library) to handle the integration with them.
  • Due to some of the oddities in CSGs services, Brainspire created developer documentation for any future updates.


  • The solution developed by Brainspire made it easier for their potential clients to sign up and schedule appointments.
  • Additionally, it helped to reduce the workload on their sales departments and call centers.
  • The newly created API made it easier to interact with CSG’s system.
  • Documentation with examples on how to use these APIs was created, benefitting the Client’s developers in the future, as one of the most time-consuming and complex pieces of this project was figuring out how to interact with CSG’s system

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Download Our Customer Case Study: Rise Broadband

Download the Case Study