• Trimble owns servers that customers buy / lease from them. They also own server performance diagnostic tools that regularly record statistics about the servers.
  • These statistics are stored as raw data, and Trimble had no easy way to assemble these statistics and share them with customers.
  • They have multiple server types including SLQ Servers, Oracle, MongoDB, and MySQL Servers.
  • Trimble has a finance team that tracks how their customers are billed for the servers. A large and overwhelming financial report is produced once a month, but this report is not intuitive or easy to interpret.


  • Brainspire was engaged to plan, design, and create a process for the server statistics data and billing data to be utilized to create interactive, intuitive, and automated reports on schedule.
  • Brainspire determined that an ETL process that would extract data from its sources and load it into a data mart would work best for Trimble.
  • Using the Microsoft BI stack, Brainspire created a process from beginning to end that used the following technologies:
    • SSIS to extract and transform data from the various data sources and load it into a central data mart.
    • SSAS to build a tabular model to interact with the data in the data mart.
    • SSRS to create a dashboard that pulls data from the tabular model. The dashboard is automatically emailed out once a week.
    • Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts to create more detailed reports for users to understand the dashboard metrics better.


  • Trimbles customers now have usable and beneficial tools at their disposal to see where their money is going.
  • The server performance metrics report allows Trimble to monitor patterns in their serversperformance so that they may spot issues or anticipate future problems.
  • The server performance report is completely automated and hands-off, therefore not eating up valuable employeestime.

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Download the Case Study