• Corr Jensen’s various product lines are currently handled through a variety of different website platforms, which makes upkeep difficult.
  • Corr Jensen’s website for their “Ab Cuts” product line was outdated and needed to be refreshed.
  • Maintaining the shopping cart functionality on their old Ab Cuts website was becoming increasingly more expensive.
  • Corr Jensen wanted a new, sleeker, well-functioning e-commerce website that would still connect and sync with their ERP system, NetSuite, and cost less per month to maintain.


  • Brainspire worked with Corr Jensen to decide on an appropriate webhosting platform that would make individual website maintenance easy, but was also scalable so eventually their other product lines could be moved onto the same platform.
    • Together, we decided on the WordPress platform with the WooCommerce add-on.
  • Brainspire was able to implement the theme and design provided to them by a 3rd party design firm and integrate all of the plugins necessary for an e-commerce implementation.
    • We connected their website to their shipping platform, FedEx.
    • We ensured their tax was being calculated correctly by connecting their site to their tax service, Avalara.
    • Their website was set up with Google Analytics and MailChimp forms.
  • To accomplish the sync between their website and their inventory in NetSuite, Brainspire facilitated the implementation of a third-party API connector.
  • Brainspire implemented Google Tag Manager events in the website code to facilitate detailed customer interaction tracking and intelligence.


  • Corr Jensen is now well-positioned for their future website migrations over to WordPress.
  • Corr Jensen now spends less on monthly upkeep for their website since they no longer have to pay for the expensive shopping cart platform they were using.
  • Since a simple content management platform (WordPress) was chosen, the marketing team can make changes to the new site themselves without having to rely on a developer.
  • The NetSuite API connector tools handles inventory synchronization between their ERP and the new website, keeping product availability up to date.
  • Since the Ab Cuts website is set up with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Corr Jensen now has great insight into customer interactions.

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Download the Case Study