• Frontier Airlines was performing manual testing for their website redevelopment, Software testing was slow and incomplete with few standards.
  • Frontier needed automated testing assistance and leadership to develop a framework for quality assurance including regression testing as new features were released
  • Frontier was struggling to understand and test all the unique paths and processes involved in searching and booking flights on their website


  • A small team of Brainspire consultants were engaged to evaluate the current processes and help transform Frontier’s testing practices
  • Selenium was selected to begin building and saving automated tests
  • SpecFlow and a code coverage matrix dashboard was added to enhance standards and process visualizations
  • In addition to facilitating the new automated QA environment and processes, Brainspire was writing and completing automated tests to improve the velocity for code cleanup and new feature releases
  • Brainspire further assisted by training their current manual testers on the new automated tools and processes


  • Within eight months, Frontier’s own staff had the ability to write and run automated tests for new development and code refactoring on their website
  • Frontiers development and QA teams now have complete visualizations to see the complexity of the website, how it operates, what has been tested and what needs to be tested
  • Regression testing is now automated, allowing newly developed features to be tested and deployed quickly with confidence

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Download the Case Study