• The Client (manufacturer) did not know how products were performing “in channel” after wholesaling inventory into Retailer, Carriers, and Indirect Distributors
  • Without having a clear understanding of “consumer sell through rates” and channel inventory, the Client was unable to take action on customer inventory risks and was unable to identify sales opportunities with factual data
  • The Client had little leverage to get customers to conform to industry-standard data integration protocols and had to rely on “Whatever they could get”, resulting in a large variety of source file formats to consolidate
  • The Client wanted to be able to view all of the Point of Sale and Channel Inventory data in aggregate to access inventory risks and opportunities that could be reported up to the executive level as an early indicator of risks and opportunities
  • The Client also wanted to be able to integrate this channel data with ERP, Financial, and Operational data so they could have a one-stop shop for operation reporting and analytical modeling


  • Brainspire was hired to design a scalable architecture that would allow the Client to extract and report information from the available raw data
  • The Brainspire team leveraged the SQL Server 2012 stack, SharePoint, Excel Services, PDF views and integration with a variety of disparate raw data sources to provide an end-to-end dashboard solution
    • Brainspire used Tabular Analysis Services to create a central analytical model to consolidate Financial and Sales data to provide one source of the truth
    • Reporting Services was leveraged to build a dynamic reporting application, allowing executives/sales to dig into problem areas and identify root causes
    • PDF views of the daily data was provided to the traveling sales team to share information with customers
  • Brainspire helped broaden adoption of the solution through educational lunch and learns with various teams


  • Sales account managers and directors gained direct insights to be able to identify opportunities to sell product into their channels to further chances of hitting quarterly revenue targets.
  • Forecasting was able to leverage the consolidated data to more accurately predict when re-stocking orders would hit, rather than relying on choppy and non-trending estimates
  • The Client now has a scalable data analytics model, offering near-real time analytics and a Kimball-based architecture that can easily be extended to new business areas as needed

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