• The client is a multi-national cosmetics company that delivers high-quality products to budget-conscious consumers.
  • Orders followed a complicated processing path through several different platforms, ranging from legacy systems to newer platforms such as NetSuite, making it a challenge to locate and track orders through their lifecycle.
  • Consequently, order fulfillment was not as efficient as it could be and finding overdue orders that needed to be shipped was problematic.
  • The client hired Brainspire’s Business Intelligence and Reporting talent to address these challenges while allowing its internal IT staff to focus on other projects.


  • Brainspire created a report to continuously track where orders are throughout the process lifecycle, highlighting any overdue orders so that they may be prioritized for shipment.
  • Engaging the process from beginning to end – Brainspire designed an architecture that allows the Client to extract and visualize information from the raw data quickly and easily.
  • Brainspire leveraged the SQL Server stack to extract, transform and load data with Microsoft’s PowerBI for reporting to provide an end-to-end dashboard solution.
    • SQL Server Integration Services imports flat files from the various order management systems, loading the cleaned and transformed data into SQL tables.
    • PowerBI was used to create clean, interactive and eye-catching reports that provide multiple levels of insight and drill-down capabilities.
  • Designed for efficiency, the solution requires minimal manual intervention with the ETL processes following a daily schedule with reports refreshed at timely intervals.
  • Brainspire provided detailed documentation to facilitate the integration of the completed solution within the client’s business processes.


  • The entire company gained new insights into their order processing, allowing employees at every level to more quickly identify orders requiring special attention, boosting both productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Rather than relying on potentially conflicting spreadsheets from disparate sources, employees now have a unified view of order status.
  • While employees no longer have to spend time maintaining their own spreadsheets, they are still able to filter and organize order information to suit their needs, further improving their productivity.
  • By leveraging Brainspire’s expertise, the client’s IT staff was free to pursue other enhancements to their operations.

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Download the Case Study