• SLI Global Solutions is a technology services company focused on software testing.
  • SLI Global had been working on a prototype of a new automated testing framework called BPTSelenium (Business Process Testing), which is a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Selenium framework (an open source test automation framework), to allow non-technical subject matter experts to write and perform automated software tests.
  • The BPTSelenium prototype product lacked a large amount of functionality necessary for release.
  • SLI Global lacked development and project management expertise.


  • A small Brainspire team worked with SLI Global’s leaders to define and prioritize the necessary functionality needed to release BPTSelenium and developed a project plan and estimate
  • Following the Brainspire Development Framework, the team created a backlog of all user stories necessary to finalize the product for release
  • Main stories included:
    • Transition from the deprecated Java Web Start technology to launching a local install agent from the website
    • Add role-based security to the front-end and back-end of the application
    • Add right-click context menu throughout the application for ease of use
    • Create a Jenkins automated build plugin which runs a BPTSelenium test for each build and marks the build as unstable if the tests fail
  • The BPTSelenium solution required many technologies, including:
    • Java desktop client
    • Yii 2.0 PHP backend
    • ExtJS frontend
    • Advanced Installer


  • Brainspire’s project management expertise gave clear direction and confidence to the SLI leadership team to complete the project within budget
  • User Interface improvements developed and deployed by Brainspire resulted in a more usable product and allows customers to get the benefit of implementing efficient and cost effective automation through a role-based methodology
  • The test automation framework and accelerator is customizable and unites business requirements with IT to improve time to market and the quality of software products
  • SLI’s product, Business Process Testing Selenium is now available to the market, driving automated test solutions and new business for SLI Global Solutions,

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