• This financial services company was using an Excel spreadsheet to manage their list of clients and the activities involved in renewing insurances for those clients.
  • Additionally, the CRM options were either expensive or not fully functional to automate the management of these activities.


  • Brainspire designed, built, and deployed a web-based application that allows insurance agents to manage their client lists and define the activities involved in renewal.
  • The agents can also use this application to schedule and be reminded of those activities for each client.
  • While this solution was designed as a working prototype, the system included two dashboards that allow for forecasting of renewal activities for the insurance agent as well as a historical view of activities for each client.


  • The automation of the activities allows the insurance agent to spend less time on administrative activities.
  • The dashboards and historical views allow the insurance agent to view more context about the upcoming activities and historical information for each client.

Download the Case Study

Download Our Customer Case Study: Smallwood Select Financial Services

Download the Case Study