• A pioneering company in renewable energy management faced an ambitious schedule to release a next-generation version of their flagship software platform.
  • The firm had a core group of in-house developers that were balancing their work between their core software and auxiliary projects.
  • The client needed to develop custom testing and quality evaluation (QE) tools to accommodate the unique capabilities of its new technology.


  • The client engaged Brainspire to develop a custom testing application for their new platform as well as to develop custom User Interface components and a software installer for their new platform.
  • A custom application was written in .NET to allow for manual testing of the client’s new platform for both performance and accuracy. Scripting capabilities were built-in to the application to facilitate the creation of an automatable testing library. Test results are exportable to XML to allow for additional analysis and recordkeeping.
  • Brainspire customized and extended a third-party .NET UI chart component to allow it to display multiple streams of real-time data and to integrate it within the client’s software.
  • A custom installer was developed in .NET and PowerShell to deploy the client’s software to both local and remote servers. The installer queries a wide range of system information, provides exportable XML logs of its activities, features a customizable configuration and supports third-party dependencies such as application frameworks and database servers.
  • Brainspire coordinated with the client’s development team to synchronize the development of these projects with their rapidly evolving platform.
  • Brainspire also worked with the client’s QE team and other key personnel to insure that the testing application would address current and foreseeable requirements.
  • Knowledge transfer and ease of maintenance was emphasized throughout the project by integrating client and consultant staff and delivering onsite training and supporting documentation for all three projects.


  • Improved productivity for the client’s development team who were able to focus on their core expertise while Brainspire worked on supporting projects.
  • Increased the involvement of the client’s QE team in the new platform by providing testing tools earlier in the development process than what would have been possible otherwise.

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