• Tuff Shed is America’s leading provider of installed storage buildings and garages and also wholesales their product lines through Home Depot across the country
  • Tuff Shed has a fully implemented JD Edwards ERP installation that is used throughout the enterprise to track and manage manufacturing and purchase orders, but they struggled with extending and integrating the ERP to meet new and unique business demands
  • Tuff Shed manages their own website, as well as a website for Home Depot, to help drive sales to the correct channel. The websites were both outdated, and Tuff Shed had difficulty keeping content up to date.
  • Tuff Shed had a manual process to import purchase orders from Home Depot which impeded data tracking, was error prone and slow.


  • Brainspire analyzed Tuff Shed’s business, and in particular the flow of purchase orders, in order to determine areas of improvement and efficiency
  • Brainspire created a new web site, leveraging WordPress with responsive design for mobile users, that the Tuff Shed marketing department can utilize to rapidly change marketing strategy to meet evolving market demands
  • Brainspire recommended new internal business processes and tools to help improve accuracy and efficiency. One example is the creation of an internal data management application so the Marketing Department can manage and update prices, price versioning and product options without having to rely on the IT Department for these customizations and data.
  • Brainspire implemented a Java based interface with Home Depot to automate the import of purchase orders
  • Brainspire created APIs based on the .Net framework to integrate internal and external 3rd party systems with the website and other back-end systems


  • The new B2B data integration capabilities significantly enhanced the relationship and revenue stream between Tuff Shed and Home Depot. The integration was later extended to include document transfers with Home Depot, improving the partnership further.
  • Tuff Shed now has a public facing website that satisfies their mobile customer needs and allows the Marketing team to update site content themselves with out IT involvement
  • Tuff Shed now has APIs that will allow them to expand their solutions to other 3rd parties, including a new customer facing, 3-dimensional shed modeling tool
  • Tuff Shed is on the path to incorporating an enterprise level architecture to handle message traffic throughout the enterprise that will scale as the company grows
  • Eliminating manual processes and manual data entry, Tuff Shed was able to reposition data entry personnel to more strategic positions within the organization
  • Tuff Shed had their most profitable year of operations

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