• Having thousands of nurses and other employees spread across the country, the client needed to provide reliable, instant access to its extensive reference library and employee documents.
  • The firm wished to track how documents are being accessed to better manage its document library.
  • To assist employees in finding relevant information as quickly as possible, the company needed to incorporate new search capabilities within a new, dynamic User Interface.


  • Brainspire worked with the client to migrate its existing SharePoint installation to a newer version while reducing migration costs.
  • Taking full advantage of the new features introduced in this new version of the software, Brainspire created a new Intranet homepage with the dynamic User Interface elements that modern web users have come to expect.
  • New SharePoint features, such as polls, blogs, news stories and events, were implemented to increase employee’s engagement with this Intranet portal.
  • To assist employees in searching the company’s vast reference library, new content search capabilities were added to the portal.
  • Employee search capabilities, built upon the firm’s current Active Directory infrastructure, were also incorporated into the new version of the Intranet homepage.
  • Content reuse capabilities were also provided to reduce the time required to maintain such a large site.
    Brainspire staff provided onsite training sessions to client staff, which were recorded and transcribed for future reference, to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge.


  • The client has an upgraded Intranet portal that provides new opportunities for interaction with its employees as well as expanded content and employee search capabilities.
  • Migration costs were kept to a minimum by building upon the client’s existing infrastructure and document library.
  • Improved analytics allow the client to better tailor its electronic references to the needs of its personnel.

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Download the Case Study